Start an Online Store in India and sell online

Are you thinking about opening an online store in India and make money as you sell online? You are not alone. Today, many people would wish to be online making money, but they still have too many unanswered questions. Can one really make money online? What business can I go for? How much capital do I need are some of the questions that linger and hold them back from even making the first step. Read through this entire article since we shall try answering these and more questions in this regard.

Come up with an e-commerce business model

You cannot build a house without a plan and design. Similarly, before you take the first step toward the e-commerce village, first sit down to plan and design your ideal e-commerce business model. With the help of a professional, draft your model with details that are relevant to your
• Marketing plan, • Financial plan • Business concept • Operations plan • Market research
This is fundamental and critical to the success of any online selling business.

Identify the service or product that you can sell

It is essential to know the product or service that you wish to offer online. You need to look around and identify a product or service that is rare and on demand. If for example there are no local online escrow services in India, then that is the service you would want to consider. After settling on the product or service, next look around for the platform that you will use to sell your product or service. There two options here 1. Go to the Marketplaces or sell products online platforms 2. Design your own online shop Ideally, the 1st option is an easier way to start an online business since you can open shops on several marketplaces and sell more. Some marketplaces that you can consider to join include Shopclues, PayTM, Flipkart Snapdeal and Amazon. Do quick research to learn how to navigate around each site to determine the most convenient and user-friendly one.

Do a thorough market research

This may sound colossal and too professional for someone who just thought about venturing in business to make an extra buck. You should not be scared at all. An amateur’s market research can be premised on this simple checklist. • What service or product do you plan to offer on your online store website? • Does your service or product have adequate demand • Who are your competitors? • Undertake customer surveys either through personal visits or through phone In case you can access professional assistance, the above process will be churned out in an orderly way that will provide you with a blueprint to tabulate market information for the best outcomes
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Have a good grasp of how the online business model works

The initial cost

It is also vital for you to know the amount of capital that you will need to invest alongside other expenses that you will have to incur while setting up your e-commerce site in India. These costs do vary depending on the type of product or service that is being offered. However certain costs usually incurred by online businesses fall in the same bracket. These are some of the things you may have to budget for. • Web designing cost • Market research • Email marketing • Accounting fees etc.

Give your online selling business a legal basis

For you to operate without running into trouble with the local and online authorities, ensure that all the legal aspects of your online business have been formalized. In this case, you will have to settle on the structure of a business entity that you would like to operate. Is it a 1. Partnership 2. Limited Liability Partnership 3. Sole proprietorship 4. Company format

Find out if a tax identification number is required

Once you are done the business structure issues, it is equally important to inquire about your tax obligations. In case you settled for a partnership or corporation structure then you need to acquire a tax ID number and file your tax returns. As a sole proprietor, you may not necessarily need a tax ID number. Instead, you can use the allotted social security number.

Acquire all the necessary permits and licenses

Permits and licenses are also important, and these may vary based on individual city requirements. If you are an accountant, for example, it is mandatory to have a license in most Indian states.
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Set up your online store website

1. At this point, you will have to choose to host it by yourself or outsource. Outsourcing the task may be a little expensive, but that is fine if it the option promises to give you convenience and returns on your investment. 2. Upload your website with SEO content and the products • Fill in all the product details complete with pictures • The company objective that clearly states your uniqueness • Your bio and history in the e-commerce industry • The blog and additional information • A cool shopping cart and payment procedure. 3. Lay down your SEO strategy Running an e-commerce business without a proper SEO plan is futile. You have to undertake both off-page and on-page SEO. That means you research for the relevant Keywords that potential buyers are searching for. You can leverage useful tools like SEMrush, Google planner, etc. Add both external and internal links. To rank well, ensure that your external links lead to authoritative websites like Wikipedia, government websites, etc.

Come up with a Marketing Strategy

So far so good; so what next? It is now time to write up a marketing plan. Now people need to know about your new e-commerce business. Some factors that usually contribute to the success of a commercial website are;

  • A colorful design
  • Your advertising ideas
  • Online public relation
  • Social media campaigns
  • On page & off page SEO
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • The monetization of your website

Of the above, one of the most important activities is the social media aspect

Create a colorful facebook page. For those dealing in the food business, travel or fashion, Pinterest would be quite ideal. YouTube is also handy due to its audiovisual advantage.


This far your dream of making money online sales is almost coming true. Will it be smooth sailing? Not at all! But you must remain resilient. Join the right forums, keep learning new ideas, and your store online will never be the same. However, if this idea of operating your own shop proves an uphill task then, just Sell products online platforms.

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