6 Social Media Content Ideas for Marketers: Social Media Examiner

One of the biggest challenges of social media is always coming up with good quality unique and consistent stream of content that engage your audience and they get amused on receiving and of course enjoy sharing with others. No one will pay attention to in-frequent or badly prepared content and make you reputation even worse than good. Although, if you do it in right way then it would become the most constructive way to entice new customers, put up relationships and shoot up the brand loyalty.

Here are some tried and tested social media content ideas to engage your audience:

  1. Share Feel-Good Quotes

Your posts should either entertain or inform your audience. Plus try your best to ensure that your content is not information that everyone knows already. It has to be really interesting if you want to be stand out.

  1. Ask Questions

Everyone has an opinion so prompting participation through thought-provoking questions shows you worth your audience view. Additionally it will help you to get fruitful insights about next marketing campaign. Few examples are:

  • What do you think of this?
  • What is your favorite…..?
  • What is the one thing you dislike about?
  • What caption would you put to this?
  1. Re-package Content

Repurposing content such as videos, blogs and photos is the best possible to reach out for new customers. Inserting your own far-sighted comment in right mind not only indicates that you keep yourself updated but also make waves on further debate and engagement.

  1. Share Fan Content

Always focus on growing relationships. Social media is such a powerful place to connect with your readers and precisely build trust to boost engagement. You can make your fans worthy by sharing their valuable content too. Main focus should on to make quality relationships with readers.

  1. Run And Promote Contests

Social media contests are a certified way to amplify your social presence while captivating your most devoted fans and followers. You might consider throwing out some cash or gift cards to grab attention of new customers. Promote your contests through email, social media platform or either through your website.

  1. Incorporate Visuals

There are some new visually appealing content ideas that you should start posting. Share cinema graphs (animated digital artworks), gifs, Facebook carousel, slideshows, and canvas of your products or promotional products of third party or to promote any local event or holiday. It would be an eye catching idea to have great engagement with the user.


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