6 Instagram Post Ideas for Your Business

Uploading fresh and new content for your company’s Instagram is a struggle that most marketers face. You do not want to post similar photos and repeat ideas. To stand out from the competitors and set your brand apart, you should add unique content to your business’ social media pages. Below is a guide that will help you keep your Instagram feed updated and fresh.

Show them What Happens Behind the Scenes

It is important to show customers that you are not only a brand but a close-knit community. Promote your team and let them know the people behind the product or services. This content is great for the brand image since it humanizes the company and puts a face to the name. Audience will feel a personal connection with the products once they know who is responsible for which task in the organization.

Product Demonstrations

This is the easiest content to create and it offers the most engagements. You can upload a video showing how the product or service can be utilized. This can be filmed anywhere and shows the complete process while also answering any FAQs. The one-minute video can demonstrate the different ways in which a product is used. The same can be achieved using photographs showing how customers have been using your product or service.

Lifestyle Posts

Lifestyle posts can be a great way to show how the products or services are being used in real life scenarios. These pictures are taken on different locations and models are usually hired for them. The images show a certain coveted lifestyle and makes the viewer wish they also had what the model in the picture has, so they can also improve their quality of life.

Quotations and Text Posts

Everyone needs a little inspiration in their day and Instagram is the best place to share it. You can add quotations and text-based posts to your feed to get the maximum engagement and provide some information or make announcements as well. The quotations can be from prominent figures, celebrities, leaders with a message that will appeal to the target audience. They can also be messages from the CEO or other senior executives of the company. You can even share reviews from satisfied customers to show potential buyers that your brand can be trusted.

Be sure to use the appropriate hashtags so the post reaches a wider audience.


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